Childrens Feet

Our Podiatrists are trained to evaluate, diagnose and treat childrens foot problems from developemental concerns to giving advise about footwear, injury and infection.  Common presenting  problems that our Podiatrists attend to in babies, young children and teens  are plantar warts, shin splints, growing pains, flat feet, painful heels (eg. Severs disease) , incorrectly growing toenails (including ingrown toenails), toe walking, sporting overuse injuries (eg. athletics, soccer, netball, dancing)   and the list goes on.

Here at Campbelltown City Podiatry, we really want to help give our youngest feet in the community the best start to life and the best way we can do that is by offering a FREE foot fitness assessment.  This takes no longer than ten minutes and the assessment is done by one of our Podiatrists. At this assessment, the primary goal is to make sure your childs feet are ok and if there are any concerns, have the chance to discuss and assess. This is not an actual service treatment, but rather an appointment provided to evaluate and educate.  If any treatment is recommended, there is no obligation, however know that we can help.